Martellato produces top-quality professional moulds for bars and pralines, as well as a wide range of figure moulds, made from the most suitable materials such as polycarbonate, for perfect results. They also produce chocolate making equipment, such as chocolate melters, frames and guitar cutters for ganache and pâte de fruit.

For everything but the couverture.

Experience Italian Artistry at its Best.

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Introducing Martellato

This renowned Italian company produces professional equipment for chocolatiers, pastry chefs, gelaterias and the catering industry.

From digital chocolate melters for perfect coating and enrobing, to guitar cutters for that precise cut, and moulds in every shape and size you can imagine, Martellato provide everything a chocolatier could possibly need.

Everything but the chocolate, that is.

Tools, Accessories & Equipment

The Keylink Martellato range includes tabletop melters and guitar cutters in various sizes, as well as an array of chocolate praliné and bar moulds. Many of the mould designs have found themselves in regular rotation with high profile chefs and chocolate artisans! So, you can be assured of their quality and reliability.

Whether you’re looking for chocolate moulds to put your own personal touch on, or a textbook bar shape, you’ll find plenty to choose from. 

See the Martellato guitar cutter in action in our video.

Martellato mini meltinchoc

A Modern Kitchen Essential

The Martellato Mini Meltinchoc is ideal for small workspaces, detail and decoration work, or even for dipping and enrobing confections and ice cream bars.

Martellato guittar cutter

Perfect Precision, Every Time

Once you've tried using a guitar cutter to slice praliné, cakes, traybakes and more, you'll never look back. Every chef needs one of these!

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