Traditional French confectioners of crystallised flowers and herbs since 1818. 

Crystallised flower petals and mint leaves.

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Introducing Candiflor

Crafted in Toulouse, France since 1818, Candiflor’s crystallised flowers, petals and fragments are an internationally well-known decorative delicacy. Violets were brought to Toulouse by the Italians around the late 18th century, and quickly became part of the fabric of the city, with the plants being grown and used in confectionery, perfumery, and even liqueur.  

Made by sugar-coating real flowers, they’re a classic French cake decoration, revered by top pastry chefs and artisan chocolatiers worldwide and favoured by Parisian patisseries, they add an attractive pop of colour to your finished bakes and desserts. 

All Candiflor products are non-AZO, nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Crystallised Flowers, Petals & Leaves

Candiflor’s range of sugared floral decorations includes whole roses, rose petals and fragments; whole violets, violet petals and fragments; lilac petals in either pink or mauve; lavender petals; and mint leaves and fragments. They also come in either crystallised or glazed finishes, depending on whether you want your creations to shimmer or shine.

Grown locally in Toulouse, ‘the capital of violets’, and hand selected for their quality, the flowers are suspended in syrup shortly after being picked, to preserve their beauty and freshness.

As these products are dependent on the size and quality of the year’s crop, Candiflor’s crystallised flowers may not be available all year round. However, with a long shelf life of over a year, these decorative delicacies will keep until you’re ready to use them.

Delicate Rose

Decorate an elegant cake or iced bun with a sprinkle of crystallised rose petal fragments.

Tingly Mint

Give your cupcakes, dark chocolate bars, and even drinks a cooling kick with crystallised mint.

Get Inspired

Decorate your bakes and bars with delightful floral confetti.

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