For more than 35 years, Ravifruit have committed themselves to a quest for excellence, in order to offer you the best quality fruit products, faithful to the values on which their reputation and success have been built: respect for nature, people and authentic fruit flavour.



Ambient, pasteurised fruit purées.

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Introducing Ravifruit

From its beginnings in the heart of the Drome Valley, France, in 1981, Ravifruit has established itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of frozen and ambient fruits. Ravifruit’s reputation has been built on their absolute commitment to selecting only the very best fruits that nature has to offer, coupled with a strong culture of innovation.

To ensure consistency in the taste, texture and colour of its ingredients, Ravifruit always buys from the same place, rather than simply buying the cheapest fruit available from season to season. Most of the fruit is bought locally in the Rhone valley, France’s biggest fruit production area. A set of strict rules imposed on farmers regarding treatment of fruit trees and timing of harvest guarantees the same BRIX (sugar content), pH, ripeness, etc.

Ambient Fruit Purées

In 1991, Ravifruit became the first company to create ambient, pasteurised fruit purées. Using a carefully monitored flash-pasteurisation process to preserve all the natural fruit characteristics and qualities in the finished product, Ravifruit ambient fruit purées are widely recognised as being of excellent quality and the number one product worldwide.

They contain 90% fruit and 10% sugar and are all 100% natural products with no added colours, flavours or preservatives. These purées are ideal for making fruit ganaches, desserts and patisserie, ice cream and cocktails.

Passionate About Purée

Passion fruit purée, perfect for making fruit ganache, patisserie, gelato and desserts with a tangy twist!

Fabulous Framboise

The sweet, tart taste of real raspberries, puréed and pasteurised to preserve their natural properties and goodness.

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