Sweet know-how since 1905. Kessko has forged an outstanding reputation for itself all over the world through its constant innovations, continuous research and development, and ever-growing range of high-quality convenience products. Today, the company offers virtually every product required to put together a classic product range in the dessert industry.

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Introducing Kessko

Kessko have been a trusted partner of artisan chocolatiers and chefs since 1905. Known for producing ingredients used in making quality chocolates and confectionery items, they’ve made a name for themselves worldwide due to their constant innovations, and continuous research and development.

Ingredients for Chocolatiers

The Keylink Kessko range consists of concentrated flavour pastes that can be used in chocolate and gelato, a variety of versatile cocoa products and ingredients, as well as a diabetic white chocolate. From fruit flavouring pastes to hazelnut cream fillings to cocoa butter and mass, Kessko have perfected their product range over the last century, and cemented their place in every artisan’s kitchen.

Ethics & Sustainability

Many of Kessko’s products are covered under ethics and sustainability certification, so you can be assured of their commitment to sustainable product sourcing. Their cane sugar, cocoa, spices, nuts, herbs and herbal teas are all Fairtrade certified, while their coffee and other cocoa products are also Rainforest Alliance certified.

So, for a range of high-quality chocolates and confectionery items, take a look at Kessko for your next confection adventure.

kessko bonbons

Flavour Your Fillings​

Kessko's flavour pastes come in a smorgasbord of flavours and are ideal for infusing your bonbons with delicious, complementary notes.

Layered With Love

Build your bonbons with layers of marzipan, truffle, hazelnut cream and nut pastes for a varied selection of tempting treats.

Get Inspired

Turn your bonbons and desserts into taste explosions.

Take a look at our Recipe Book in the Resources Hub for more ideas.

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