The FormBox allows you to use found objects or bespoke templates to create unique moulds in seconds.

Get personal with custom chocolate moulds.

Break the mould with mayku.

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Introducing Mayku

Known within Keylink for the FormBox, Mayku has opened up a world of possibilities, giving you the ability to make your own moulds!

From chocolatiers to soap makers and designers to plant pot creators, the FormBox is portable, easy to use and affordable. It can make moulds from every day objects, 3D printed designs and your own crafty creations. The best part is, you can re-use your mould again, and again, and again! Not only that, but you can potentially save thousands on buying custom moulds for each project.

How Does it Work?

If you’ve ever seen a vacuum machine in action, you’ll be familiar with the process already! You simply take your preferred shape, heat a Mayku cast sheet in the FormBox and form around the shape! After the sheet cools, you’ve got a mould ready to be filled.

So, if you’ve heard enough, take a look at the FormBox in action.

Mayku idea

Personalise Your Products

Your customers will love your new personalised chocolate range!

Mayku idea

Create Your Own Custom Moulds

Use almost any shape to create your own custom moulds with the Mayku FormBo

Get Inspired

Get up close and personal with custom chocolate gifts.

Take a look at our Recipe Book in the Resources Hub for more ideas.

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