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For almost 30 years, Mona Lisa Studio has specialised in food decorations and colourants: printed transfer sheets, seasonal chocolate decorations, and personalisation for all applications.

Go Bold With Power Flowers and Coloured Cocoa Butters.

Give Your Chocolates Some Character.

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Introducing Mona Lisa Studio

Part of the Barry Callebaut group, Mona Lisa Studio (formerly IBC) is a collection of ready-made chocolate products and decorative additions, designed to complement your culinary creations. Created with the goal of inspiring your artistic flair, Mona Lisa Studio’s products allow you to add colour, flavour, texture and shape to your chocolates, pastries, desserts and bakes.

Chocolate Decorations

Looking for the perfect way to top off an Opera cake? Mona Lisa Studio has got you covered, with delicious chocolate plaques that can even be personalised with your logo!

Save valuable time with ready-made chocolate shavings, blossoms, buttercurlies and pencils, without sacrificing quality. All of Mona Lisa Studio’s chocolate decorations use high-quality Callebaut chocolate, so however you choose to decorate your chocolates or patisserie, you won’t have to compromise on taste.

Fillable Shapes & Cups

Ready-made snobinettes, petit four cups and fillable chocolate shells allow you to focus your creativity on the delicious contents and eye-catching appearance of your desserts. Simply pipe your chosen filling into the chocolate casing and decorate however you choose!

Coloured Cocoa Butters & Powders

The Power Flowers ™ system has revolutionised food colouring, allowing you to custom colour your chocolates (and other creations) using the handy Colour Master Cards, or the Power Flowers mobile app. With natural, non-AZO and E171 free options, there’s nothing to stop you exploring your culinary creativity!

Ethics & Sustainability

As part of the Barry Callebaut group, Mona Lisa Studio is closely involved in the ethical sourcing and sustainable activities of its parent company. 

Their Forever Chocolate goals and commitment to transparency through reporting make it clear that Mona Lisa Studio and the entire Barry Callebaut group are dedicated to building a better, more sustainable chocolate industry.

Copper creative powder

Shimmer and Shine

Give your chocolates, desserts and baked goods a subtle metallic shimmer, or go full metal with Mona Lisa Studio's Creative Colour Powders.​

Bronze creative spray

Glitter and Glow

Add a sparkling sheen on your chocolate shells, or give your desserts a glow up with Creative Sparkling Spray from Mona Lisa Studio.

Get Inspired

Stay bang on trend with brilliant bonbons and colourful chocolates

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