Nigay is a family-run business specialising in the production of caramels used by artisans throughout the food industry. Producing aromatic caramels, caramel colours, burnt sugars and caramel specialities, Nigay is unique in its dedication to the art and science of caramelisation, earning Nigay the nickname “The experts in caramel”.

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Introducing Nigay

Nigay is known around the world as ‘The Expert in Caramels’, thanks to its unique dedication to the art and science of caramelisation.

Boasting a comprehensive range of caramel fillings and inclusions, Nigay is constantly innovating and expanding its product range, bringing the delicious and nostalgic flavour of caramel to your customers in a variety of formats.

Salted Butter Caramels

Nigay’s caramels are made with salted butter, creating a premium quality product that makes a luxurious filling for chocolates, bars, cakes and patisserie. Or stir it into ice cream, sauces, dairy products and hot chocolate drinks for a really decadent treat!

If you love the indulgent taste of caramel, but wish it had a more dynamic texture, you’re in luck. Nigay’s caramel crunch has all the rich, sweet and slightly salted flavour of their classic caramel, but with an added crunchy texture that really sets it apart. Perfect as an inclusion or topping for chocolate, ice cream, gelato and desserts.

Caramel Inclusions

From crunchy caramel pebbles to salt and pepper caramel flakes, Nigay has an inclusion to suit every caramel occasion! For ice cream and gelato, there’s caramel filling with Guerande salted butter, and fat-coated caramel flakes to add a buttery, sweet richness to your frozen creations.

Ethics & Sustainability

Nigay’s core values of passion, tradition, innovation, high standards, and ethics are cemented by their commitment to quality, safety, the environment and sustainability. Nigay caramels are made with Fairtrade sugar and certified sustainable palm oil, and are organic, kosher, and halal.

As members of three French, European and International caramel associations, Nigay are regulated by SYFIC (Syndicat Francais des Ingredients Caramels), EUTECA (European Technical Association) and ITCA (International Caramel Association).

Caramel flakes Nigay

Salt & Pepper

Sprinkle a spoonful of these salt and pepper caramel flakes on any chocolate bar or dessert for an exciting kick of sweet heat!

Pebbles & Rubble

Scatter caramel pebbles over your buttercream icing or gelato for a crunchy, buttery contrast that customers will love.

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