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Nutural World is a multi-award winning artisan producer of high quality, great tasting nut butters and spreads.

Nut butters for spreading, stirring and swirling.

100% natural nut pastes.

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Introducing Nutural World

Pure nut pastes with no added sugar, oil or artificial flavours, Nutural World’s nut ‘butters’ are a nut above! Based in London, Nutural World is a multi—award winning artisan producer of high-quality nut butters and spreads. Produced in small batches, using traditional stone grinders, these nut products are the finest you’ll find, and perfect for spreading, stirring, filling and combining with a whole host of delicious flavour pairings, whether you’re a chef, baker or chocolatier.

Nuts are an incredibly versatile ingredient, lending themselves well to both sweet and savoury dishes, and for the health conscious and ethically-minded younger generation, they’re a great way to flavour and sweeten your culinary creations without added sugar, salt or oil.

Nut Pastes

Made with 100% nuts and seeds, ground down until they become spreadable, Nutural World’s natural nut butters can be used to flavour other masses, or added to tempered chocolate to create high quality pralinés.

The Nutural World range features smooth and slightly textured almond nut paste, hazelnut paste, cashew nut paste, pecan nut paste, pistachio nut paste, and coconut cream. Perfect for creating your own giandujas, recreating traditional treats such as macaroons and baklava, rippling through Italian gelatos, or to simply enhance the taste of your favourite chocolate couverture.

Ethics & Sustainability

All Nutural World products are certified vegan, kosher and sugar-free, and are dairy and gluten-free.


Rochers, Always

Blend hazelnut paste with chocolate and roll in chopped nuts before enrobing, for a decadently nutty chocolate rocher that will go down a treat!

Nut chocolate bar

Nuts for Chocolate

Chocolate and nuts make the perfect pairing, especially in a simple but classic bar. Swirl almond nut paste through your melted, tempered chocolate and sprinkle with chopped nuts!

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