Roxy & Rich’s mission is to push your passion to the next level while unleashing your creativity, by offering you a magical world of high-quality colours, enabling you to create your culinary masterpiece with unparalleled ease.

Colourful Creations

From Roxy & Rich

See the rainbow

Introducing Roxy & Rich

All colours, bold and bright! Roxy & Rich have a wide array of coloured cocoa butters, perfect for chocolate decoration. 

Keylink also stock the brand new range of high intensity gel colours, ideal for bright and beautiful bakes!

Their Colourful Concoctions

With enough colours for a lifetime of chocolate making, the Roxy & Rich range is perfect for adding a splash of colour, or the entire rainbow! You can use these cocoa butters straight from the pot and either flick into your moulds for a superb splatter effect, swirl with your finger for a ‘swish’, or, go for full coverage and use a spray gun for bold, block colours! 

The Full Colour Wheel

White Agate to Sunny Yellow, and Coral Orange to Violet Pearl, plus a whole spectrum of colours makes Roxy & Rich cocoa butters a wonderful range for those in need of stand out visuals.

You can also easily make your own mark by mixing colours!

You can also see the colours in action in this video!

Like the Italian Riviera

This aqua-marine blue is reminiscent of hot summer days at the beach, perfect for a fresh, gin flavoured chocolate!

Caribbean Coral

Anyone else sensing a theme here? This orange cocoa butter adds a playful finish to your bonbons or a smatter of bright colour to a white chocolate bar!

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