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Innovators and explorers in fine cacao flavour excellence, protectors of its diversity and rooted in French pastry since 1842, Cacao Barry shares the whole cacaofruit experience from nature to plate, with farmers and chefs.

A 100% natural cacao powder for every possibility.

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Introducing Cacao Barry

Part of the Barry Callebaut group, Cacao Barry’s range of products features characterful chocolates designed to unlock the sensorial richness of cacao.  

Known for their innovation, Cacao Barry chocolates are perfect for the professional that is always creating and concocting new recipes, whilst fulfilling the need for distinctive chocolate options.

Their Wholefruit Evocao 72% dark chocolate utilises the cocoa plant to its full potential by including the pulp of the cocoa bean during the processing stage, resulting in a zesty and fruity alternative to a traditional chocolate. In addition, their Pureté range aims to offer the purest cocoa flavour, a wonderful option for bakeries in need of intense cocoa flavour profiles. 

Couverture Chocolate & Cacao Powder

Behind each of their chocolates is a story and unique flavour. From their origin chocolates, such as Fleur de Cao and the legendary Zephyr, to their chocolate cups, nut pralines and wafer fillings, Cacao Barry offers a wealth of options for every profession.  

The cacao powder collection brings together eight versatile and unique cocoa powders, featuring both natural, unprocessed powders and alkalised (Dutch-processed). Including the classic Plein Arôme and the iconic Extra Brute, as well as the first hydrophobic cocoa powder, Décor Cacao, and the modern, deep-black Noir Intense, the range has something for every possible application. 

Ethics & Sustainability

100% of Cacao Barry cocoa beans are sustainably sourced, and Cacao Barry works in partnership with the Cocoa Horizons program.

Established in 2015 by Barry Callebaut, The Cocoa Horizons programme is an impact-driven programme which focuses on prosperity for cocoa farmers and helping to build self-sustaining communities within the cocoa farming sector that protect nature and children.  

Cacao Barry Tanzanie

Darkly Delicious

A bitter 75% dark chocolate, perfectly balancing the acidity of citrus with intense cocoa and light floral notes. Perfect paired with raspberry, speculoos, coconut, pineapple and lime.

Perfectly Powerful

A rich 38% milk chocolate, with a powerful roasted cocoa taste and sweet, milky notes. Ideal paired with caramel, sesame, cinnamon, white peach and banana.

Get Inspired

Create deliciously indulgent confections with Cacao Barry chocolate couvertures and cocoa powders.

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