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Luker Chocolate are a family business with more than 110 years of experience. They develop fine chocolates and cocoa crafted at origin, with exceptional taste and purpose. In their effort to drive wellness throughout the cocoa value chain, they partner with brands and companies committed to quality and sustainability.

Uniquely fine flavoured chocolate, crafted at origin.

Discover the flavour of Colombia.

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Introducing Luker Chocolate

Luker is a family-owned company that works across the entire value chain of chocolate development, from bean to bar. By educating farmers and cultivating cocoa on their own farms in Colombia, Luker has created its own distinguished range of chocolates and cocoa products, crafted at source.

The ‘Fino De Aroma’ beans Luker use are the highest quality – only the top 7-8% of the world’s cocoa is given this exclusive title! The beans are harvested and made into chocolate using cocoa butter from the same beans and local sugar, making all ingredients fully traceable. Their unique tastes reflect each cocoa variety, as well as the richness of the soil and growing traditions of the area.

This, along with their conching method (the process of creating smooth chocolate by removing all the grainy textures), gives Luker chocolates their distinctive flavours and silky mouthfeel. 

Chocolates & Cocoa Products

From their 85% extra dark chocolate, Tumaco, to their vegan milk chocolate alternative made with oat m!lk, and the classic 36.5% white chocolate, Nevado, Luker has a chocolate for every taste and preference.  

Ideal for baking, desserts and gelato, Luker has become a favourite amongst chocolatiers and chefs looking for chocolates with a fantastic story and plenty of personality. Plus, for that extra authentic flavour, Luker chocolates are made using undeodorised cocoa butter. 

Luker’s premium quality cacao is also used to produce cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder and roasted cacao nibs, giving chocolatiers a complete range of fine chocolate products to work with!  

Ethics & Sustainability

CasaLuker, Luker Chocolate’s parent company, is a Certified B Corp, a certification awarded to companies who are rigorously assessed for their social and environmental impact.   

Proud to be working towards a better future for cocoa farmers and their communities, Luker are making strides in farmer empowerment, environmental stewardship, and responsible sourcing, through their collaborative initiative, The Chocolate Dream. Luker is a pioneer of the cacao agroforestry movement, helping to make cacao farming more sustainable and improving its impact on the environment and communities where it’s grown.

cocoa powder

Premium Cocoa Powder

Luker's cocoa powder is made from the exact same Fino de Aroma beans as their chocolate, giving it a unique, distinctive taste that pairs perfectly with their other products.

Colombian Cacao Nibs

These crushed and roasted cacao nibs are made from the same Fino de Aroma cocoa beans, giving them a well-rounded, balanced flavour of intense cocoa.

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