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SOC Chef’s goal is to supply their customers with products of high quality and natural origin. From candied fruit to leaf gelatine and equipment for chocolatiers.

Premium quality candied peel and fruit.

Add a little zest to your creations.

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Introducing SOC Chef

SOC Chef are a world-renowned supplier of fine quality candied fruits, choosing carefully selected, premium fruits that meet their high standards. With twelve-time Michelin starred chef Martín Berasategui as their culinary advisor, you can rely on SOC Chef for excellence.

Candied Fruits & More

With candied lemon, ginger and orange, SOC Chef covers the classics, all ideal for chocolatier toppings, final cheffing flourishes or bakery applications. These are also offered in strip, shaved, cubed and sliced form across the range, allowing for full creative control over your products.

There’s handy extras such as leaf gelatine, beetroot powder and cappuccino crunches, too!

Ethics & Sustainability

SOC Chef’s ethos is built on three pillars: service, organisation and quality. Their passion for gastronomy, healthy living and commitment to innovation shine through in the calibre of their products and the work they do to protect the environment and support their workers in Madagascar.

SOC Chef cappuccino crunch

Add a Caffeinated Crunch

Freeze-dried cappuccino-flavoured pieces for adding texture and flavour to chocolate bars, or as a topping on gelato and hot drinks.

SOC Chef candied lemon peel

Add a Zesty Zing

High quality lemon peel shavings. Ideal for decorating desserts, gelato, cakes, patisserie and chocolate.

Get Inspired

Dress your desserts and accessorise your appetisers.

Take a look at our Recipe Book in the Resources Hub for more ideas.

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