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Gourmet and Origin chocolates from Veliche.

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The Veliche Gourmet Story

Created with the intention of inspiring creativity, Veliche’s range of Belgian chocolates is ideal for chefs and chocolatiers alike.¬†Their range of finest quality, sustainably produced, artisan chocolates has something for every palate. With eight chocolate couvertures and six different drops and chunks to choose from, there’s a perfect Veliche chocolate for every application.

The Selection

With rich dark chocolates to delicate milks and whites with a hint of caramel, the core Veliche range will stand on its own, without overpowering your recipes. They cover all bases for all needs with an easy-to-melt chip form, as well as drops and chunks for baking.

If something with a little more zest is required, the Veliche Origin range brings an intense yet well balanced option. 

Ethics & Sustainability

Veliche Gourmet is produced sustainably, using Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, thus empowering cocoa farmers and women in the supply chain, from picking the pods to the final stages of chocolate creation. The Rainforest Alliance seal also ensures any products that display this are using processes that support social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Intense and Indulgent

With fruit-like notes and mild spices, Okapi is a wonderful base for chocolates that exude class and rich flavour.

Obsessed with Obsession

Obsession 30 offers the classic sweet, milky flavour with just a hint of florals. A wonderful option for elevating your creations.

Get Inspired

Expand your horizons with chocolates as unique as you are.

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