Valrhona feves in bags

Give the Gift of Premium Chocolate This Year

The big day is just around the corner, but there’s still time to charm your customers with exquisite chocolate gifts in beautiful packages. Let your customers delight those last-minute gift recipients and unexpected guests with a bag of the finest quality, premium chocolate. 

by Lyndsey Hall

13 November 2023

How to Create a Stylish Small Gift Range Your Customers Will Want to Keep!

Add a little sparkle to your display counter this Christmas with a selection of Valrhona chocolate fèves, tied up with a festive bow.

  1. Take a scoop of your favourite Valrhona chocolate. We used Araguani 72% dark chocolate, Satilia Lactée 35% milk chocolate and Ivoire 35% white chocolate, but you could put a fresh twist on it with the new Valrhona Inspiration range!
  2. Fill a clear, hard-bottomed bag up to 70g with your elegant chocolate fèves.
  3. Seal and fasten with a festive bow in the colour of your choice.
  4. Display proudly on your chocolate shop counter and watch them fly out of the door!

These little bags of cocoa joy are the perfect way to test out your customers with some more exclusive, high-end couvertures before investing in a full range. If they keep coming back for more, you know a premium bonbon or truffle range would be a big hit!

Christmas is the perfect time for those little added indulgences, so give your customers the gift of premium chocolate this year with Keylink and Valrhona. 

Browse the full range of Valrhona products to find your favourites.

Lyndsey Hall

Lyndsey is a marketing executive, writer and lover of books and chocolate from Sheffield.

Her favourite chocolate is Cacao Barry Lactee Superieure.