Be Inspired by Valrhona's Fruit Couverture: Strawberry Inspiration

The Valrhona range at Keylink continues to grow, with two exciting new additions so far this year! Each month, we’re shining a spotlight on one of the products in our range, giving you all the inside knowledge on their best applications and flavour pairings. This month, we’re looking ahead to sun-soaked summer days with Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration.

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Fresh and Fruity Couvertures

Valrhona’s pioneering range of fruit couvertures, aptly named Inspiration, is the result of a collaboration between Valrhona’s research and development team and some of their customers. Patisserie chefs and chocolatiers are always looking for something new and exciting to bring to their customers, and these unique fèves with their authentic fruit flavours, vibrant colours and excellent workability, are about as innovative as it gets! The Inspiration range even won the Grand Prize at the Sirha Innovation Awards in 2017, and it’s been delighting chefs and chocolate-lovers alike ever since.

Ready to relive your childhood summers with the taste of sweet strawberry jam in a couverture?

Spotlight on Strawberry Inspiration

The natural colour and flavour of fresh, ripe strawberries really shines through in these bold pink fèves, giving a traditional taste of candied fruit and strawberry preserve to your ganache, desserts and mousses. Made from the finest quality freeze-dried strawberry powder, premium cocoa butter, sugar and a pinch of emulsifier, Valrhona’s Inspiration fruit couvertures are a dream to work with and loved by chocolatiers and patisserie chefs for their versatility.

Combining the texture and workability of the finest quality chocolate couverture, and the fresh, punchy flavour of real fruit, with no artificial colours or flavours, these strawberry fèves will give your bars, bonbons and bakes an authentic strawberry flavour and bold pink hue that will really capture your customers’ imagination.

Strawberry Inspiration pairs perfectly with other fruit flavours such as coconut and lemon, as well as herbs and spices like mint, orange blossom and anise. We can’t imagine anything better than watching Wimbledon this summer with a couple of white chocolate bonbons filled with Strawberry Inspiration ganache and mint gel!

Technical Specification

Product: Strawberry Inspiration fruit couverture

Characteristics: 14% strawberry powder, 38% cocoa butter, sweet and intensely fruity

Tasting notes: sweet strawberry jam and candied fruit

Recommended applications: perfect for mousse, ganache and cream-based recipes as well as bars, but also great for moulding

Flavour pairings: nougat, coconut, mint, lemon, anise, orange blossom, white jasmine tea

Allergen information: naturally dairy free, vegan and gluten free

We hope you found this introduction to one of Valrhona’s fabulous fruit couvertures useful. Next month, we’re heading over to the dark side with a single origin 62% dark chocolate from Brazil, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, you can take a look at the full Keylink Valrhona range to find your next favourite couverture!